Durable Pesach Counter Covers

Select the style
that beautifies your kitchen

  • 2x Thicker, Non-rip Material

    Simply measure, cut, peel, and stick. No tape! No bubbles!

  • For Kitchens of all Sizes

    Wider size (26.5") is perfect fit for all American counters.

  • New Residue-Free Formula

    Extensively tested on all surfaces to leave no trace at all!

  • Smooth and Attractive

    Three beautiful designs: White, Gold, or Black Marble.

  • Happy & Healthy Pesach

    Resists unhealthy buildup of mold or mildew.

  • Heat Resistant

    Dekal can handle a hot pot being placed on it!

  • Easy to Keep Clean

    Dekal is easy to wipe clean of spills or spatters.

How to Dekal

Dekal makes your prep a piece of (Kosher L’Pesach) cake in 3 quick steps.