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About Dekal

What are the dimensions of a roll of Dekel? 

Each roll measures 26.5" x 78.7" (67cm x 200cm), for a total of 14.5 sq. ft. The roll is wide enough to cover most US standard counters, including the lip.

What’s the difference between Dekal and “regular” contact paper? 

There are several differences. Since regular contact paper is designed to be a permanent cover, it is extremely sticky, hard to work with, and difficult to remove.
Dekal is made of a special low-tack vinyl material, a lightweight but super-durable material that resists water, oil, and heat. It has a low adhesive backing specifically designed to leave no residue when removed.

Is Dekal kosher for Passover? 

Dekal conforms to the highest standard of kashrus. It is the first countertop cover with Kosher for Passover certification (OK Kosher Certification). That means you will have no worries about food being in direct contact with your countertops covered by Dekal.

What kind of surfaces can I cover with Dekal? 

Dekal was extensively tested on most countertop surfaces, including: granite, laminate, quartz, marble, soapstone, tile, stainless steel, Corian, Formica, wood, glass, and more.

Will Dekal damage my countertops?

At the end of the holiday, Dekal is completely removable, and it will not damage your countertops or leave smelly mildew. Throughout Pesach, your kitchen counters remained neat and beautiful, and now simply remove Dekal and restore your post-Pesach kitchen to its original state!

Can I reuse Dekal?

Dekal is not reusable. After the holiday, remove and discard it.

How do I order Dekel?

You can order Dekal shipped to your door in the continental United States. Free shipping for orders of three rolls or more! You can also find Dekal at many stores in the tri-state area. Find a store here.

Using Dekal

Do I need any tools to apply Dekal?

You can apply Dekal easily with tools found around your house: scissors or cutting knife, ruler or measuring stick, and a pen. For a seamless application, you can use a smoother to press out any air bubbles. 

Check out our application kit that features a soft-surface smoother and sharp cutter to make your Dekal install more convenient.

How do I clean Dekal on my counter?

The smooth surface of Dekal wipes down easily with a little warm water and cleaning agent! Use a soft cloth to avoid scratches.

Does water seep under Dekal?

Dekal is water-resistant and oil-resistant. Throughout Yom Tov, Dekal will be easy to wipe clean of spills or spatters. No mildew will form underneath it.

Can I put a hot pot on Dekal?

Yes, Dekal can handle a hot pot being placed on it. (Best to avoid exposure to extreme or prolonged heat. Cutting directly on Dekal is also not recommended; it's best to cut on a cutting board.)

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