This Pesach, Dekal Has You Covered

Introducing the first-ever certified Kosher-for-Pesach countertop peel and stick solution!

  • Smooth and Attractive

    Choose from three beautiful designs: White Marble, Black Marble, or Silver.

  • An Elegant and Easy Solution

    Simply measure, cut, peel, and stick. No tape! No rips!

  • For Kitchens of all Sizes

    Spread a roll of Dekal (1.95'W x 9.8'L / 23.5" x 118") on the countertop to measure and cut to size!

  • Dekal is easy on, easy off

    When Pesach is over, just peel the Dekal off — no ripping away of tape, foil.

  • Not your grandmother’s contact paper

    Dekal is made of specially designed PET material backed by a light but strong adhesive that leaves no damage on your countertop!

  • Have a Happy & Healthy Pesach

    Dekal’s unique material resists unhealthy buildup of mold or mildew in your workspace.

  • Easy to Keep Clean

    Throughout Yom Tov, Dekal will be easy to wipe clean of spills or spatters.

  • Heat Resistant

    Dekal can handle a hot pot being placed on it! (Avoid extreme or prolonged heat)

Introducing Dekal: The revolutionary new countertop cover solution

How to Remove Dekal

Some countertops react better than others to Dekal. Residue may remain temporarily on some countertops until it is cleaned off. To clean the counter without damaging it, read our "Countertop Care" section.

Countertop Care