How To Dekal

Dekal is a delightfully easy product to use.

It’s a great solution for your countertop coverage needs, at home or away. You can apply Dekal yourself, but it also makes a great family activity!

Watch Gitty show you how to Dekal

Dekal Installation Instructions

Here is How to Dekal in 3 easy steps


Measure the surface to be covered and, using a pair of scissors, cut a piece of Dekal to size.


Peel a few inches of the backing off and position Dekal in place, starting from the backsplash.

Note: The easiest way to start the peel is to fold the tip of one corner, and rub the fold in and out to push away the white backing, and lift to reveal the glue.


Work from the back of the counter towards the front (not side to side). Roll it out towards yourself as you peel the white paper out from underneath.

Use two hands to stretch it as much as possible to keep it flat and straight, and to avoid bubbles. While one person can do the job, it’s even more effective (and more fun!) for two people to carry out this step.

Post-Pesach Removal

After enjoying the ease and beauty of Dekal throughout Pesach, it’s time to return to “real life!” Removing Dekal is very easy!

Lift Dekal from any corner. Simply peel off Dekal and discard. Since it is not reusable, there is no need to store it for next year.

Some countertops react better than others to Dekal. Residue may remain temporarily on some countertops until it is cleaned off. With time and patience, all residue can be fully removed, click below to see easy tips on cleaning your countertops.

How to remove Dekal