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Kosher Dekal

Dekal Applicator Kit

Dekal Applicator Kit

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The Dekal applicator kit includes two useful tools to help apply Dekal even nicer and easier!

Use the plastic smoother to smooth out the surface and remove any air bubbles that may form. The soft tip prevents any damage to the liner, ensuring a clean, exact application. 

The sharp, retractable razor cuts precisely for seamless edges. Use it to maneuver sharp corners, cut around objects, and trim excess liner.


2.2' width x 6.5' legnth
26.5" x 78.7" Inches
67 x 200 cm
Coverage: 14.5 Square Footage


Dekal is made of super-durable vinyl material. 2x thicker material that won’t rip.

It has a residue-free, low-tack self adhesive backing, covered with peelable paper.


Free shipping for orders of three rolls or more!

Care Instructions

Dekal is easy to apply and to clean. Simply wipe spills with a soapy sponge. Avoid harsh chemicals or highly abrasive materials.

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Certified Kosher

Dekal is a revolutionary new product. It is the first countertop cover with the highest standard of Kosher for Pesach certification by OK Kosher.

  • Free Shipping

    De-stress with Dekal. Order your rolls today. Free shipping for orders of three rolls or more!

  • Travel “Direct” with Dekal

    Are you celebrating Pesach away from home? Pack a roll of Dekal for easy coverage of countertops in your rental or hotel room. Remember, you’re on vacation!