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White Marble

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Dekal is designed for countertops made of a wide variety of materials, including granite, laminate, quartz, marble, soapstone, tile, stainless steel, Corian, and more. Its low tack adhesive makes it easy to apply and to readjust as needed, and will not damage your countertop.

Size: 23.5" X 118" (1.95' X 9.8')


1.95 X 9.8 Feet
23.5 X 118 Inches
20 Square Footage


Dekal is made of PET, a lightweight but strong material. It has a low adhesive backing covered with peelable paper.


Free shipping for orders of three rolls or more!

Care Instructions

Dekal is easy to apply and to clean. Simply wipe spills with a soapy sponge. Avoid harsh chemicals or highly abrasive materials. Upon removal of Dekal, if the low adhesive leaves a slight residue, you can lightly scrub the countertop with a fine steel wool pad to remove it. 

Certified Kosher

Dekal is a revolutionary new product. It is the first countertop cover with the highest standard of Kosher for Pesach certification
(BaDaTz Yerushalayim).

  • Free Shipping

    De-stress with Dekal. Order your rolls today. Free shipping for orders of three rolls or more!

  • Travel “Direct” with Dekal

    Are you celebrating Pesach away from home? Pack a roll of Dekal for easy coverage of countertops in your rental or hotel room. Remember, you’re on vacation!